A Step by-Step Guide on How to Play Ludo

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Ludo is a game of strategy which initially originated in India. However, the evolution of ludo has been tremendous over the past few years as different countries play the game according to their variation. However, most ludo players play the game in a standard way, similar to Aggravation and Trouble, where players try to reach the desired destination by leaving others behind.

The ludo game is fun and engaging for people playing it in groups in both online and offline mode. Due to the rapid rise of technology, this game has been introduced online over the internet under several gaming platforms. As a result, players worldwide can log in to several platforms, allowing them to connect to people globally and compete with one another. Furthermore, the convenience of the game is rapidly increasing due to the compatibility of the game, where a person just requires an internet connection to log in from anywhere on any internet-supported device, such as a computer or a mobile. According to GAMECENTRE, an average online player spends around 60 minutes completing a 4-player ludo game. Thus, making it the most popular game played over online platforms.

Players who wish to play Ludo Earn Money and get more skilled at the game can know the different modes in which the game is played and how to download the game on devices like Android and iOS. Hence, let us look into the step-by-step guide to playing ludo merely.

Starting the Game

  1. The initial step of the game is to place all the respective pawns selected by players into the corresponding four-by-four colour boxes. The main objective of a player would then be to make all four pawns move along the outer portion of the board individually and inside the central part from where they can reach the desired destination.
  1. The decision among players to begin the game can be decided by rolling the die. The one with the highest number as an outcome would roll the die first.
  1. A pawn can only get out of the box if the die rolls out to be number 6. If the first player fails to roll out the desired number, then the turn would move on to the player sitting to his left or right side according to the decision made before the start of the game.
  1. After successfully rolling out 6, the respected person would be given another chance to roll the die so that the pawn moves spaces accordingly. For example, if the die rolls 4, the pawn would move four spaces, and the person sitting next to him would take a turn.
  1. Similarly, all four pawns can move out from the box if a person is lucky enough to roll the die and get continuous 6s.

Operating Pawns Around the Board

  1. Players should maintain the clockwise rule of playing the game in a fixed orbit throughout.
  1. While moving around the board, one can capture another player’s pawn by moving spaces and landing above the opponent’s pawn. Therefore, this will result in the pawn returning to the respective box, where the player has to begin the turn again for the captured pawn.
  1. A player can make a barrier to protect a pawn by landing two same-color pawns in the same space so that when an opponent’s pawn comes over to the same space where the other two pawns are located, they will be unable to capture the pawn due to the barrier created.
  1. A single lap around the outer space of the board needs to be completed to reach the home stretch. The board of ludo has arrows to direct players to do a lap without confusion.

Conquering the Game

  1. After the completion of a lap around the outer space of the board, the pawn would enter the home space, where players should roll out exact numbers to win the game. For example, if four spaces are left for the pawn to reach its final destination, the die should roll exactly number 4 to reach its goal.
  1. The game’s winner will be the first player to reach the home destination with all four pawns of the respective color. Please note that all four pawns of an individual should complete the lap separately to win the game.

A player can easily play and win the game by following the simple steps mentioned above, and this is the most common and popular way the game is played globally. Ludo is a multiplayer game. However, if a player wishes to play the game alone over the online platform, they could choose the single-player mode where a bot would play, replacing real-life opponents.

When played online, the game’s interface over several platforms can be very appealing as it can offer exciting prizes for the winner. In addition, online ludo connects both known and unknown players on a global platform. For example, if two friends who live far apart want to play the game together, they can log in to online ludo platforms, connect, and play the game digitally. There are different game modes available online where players can play by learning new ways to win the game.

Playing this mind game can enhance one’s thinking and decision-making ability. However, the concentration required for the brain to keep track of all four pawns can prove challenging. As a result, Ludo increases the capability to focus on things without getting distracted.

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